2015 Application Posted

Want to join TUIB in 2015? Well naturally! Fill out an application so we have you on our radar and we’ll be in touch.

Tangoed up in Blues Will Be at Burning Man, 2014

We’re placed in Center Camp again: inner wheel at 4:15. A Fantastic Location with a 70 foot frontage!

We offer over 1000′ of dance floor, and 24hr tango and blues music. Scroll down to see our schedule.

Learn how to partner dance with Tangoed up in Blues!  We teach tango and blues classes, follow them up with practice time, then happy hour (often with live music), and dances in the evenings. Tango milongas are Monday and Wednesday, Blues dances are on Tuesday and Thursday. In our classes, you’ll learn how to do these two social partner dances, how to connect with the music and your partner, how to relax, you’ll get to meet and interact with your playa brethren, and you’ll dance a bunch. During the guided practice time, you’ll have a chance to practice during the day and ask questions of the experienced dancers hanging out. At happy hour, grab a drink, dance and chill. Listen to live music if we have a drop-in musician (or let us know if you you’d like to play some blues or tango music at our camp). And then in the evening, dress up, and come dance the night away. We keep the music running at all hours.

Our On-Playa Schedule

No experience or partner needed!

Center Camp inner circle (next to Black Rock Boutique)
Offering 1000′ of dance floor, and 24hr tango and blues music, classes, and an amazing LED dome.

Daily Schedule (Monday-Thursday):
Classes 2-4pm
Guided practice time 4-6pm
Tea and open dancing 6:30-9pm
Drop in lesson 9-10pm
Dance 10pm-4am

Dance Schedule:
Monday milonga
Tuesday blues dance
Wednesday milonga
Thursday blues dance

And if you’re feeling inspired to partner dance Friday and Saturday night, drop on by. We won’t be hosting a party, but we’ll keep the music playing. Some of our favorite evenings of dancing on playa have been the ones that spring up spontaneously while we’re out on the town — it’s like coming home to a party in our living room.


2013 Burning Man, Here We Come!

Hello all you dancers out there. We can’t wait to see you again on the playa, whether you’re discovering Tango and Blues Dancing for the first time or are fresh off a European teaching tour.

Wanna come dance with us? We’ll be back next to Center Camp this year, Inner Circle at 4:15. We’re close enough to our spot from last year that you can refer to the 2012 map below and schedule of classes and dances, which will be staying mostly the same this year.

Wanna come camping with us? We are full for 2013, but come back later to apply for 2014 by clicking on the Interested In Camping With Us page up in the right hand corner.

Revving Up

A four-cycle gas motor like the one in most cars has been described as “suck, squeeze, bang, blow”. Many burner camps go through an annual cycle that looks a lot like this; it’s get ready for the burn (squeeze), experience the burn (BANG!), go home, breath out and decompress (blow), and coast along having your regular life until it’s time to inhale and start prep again (suck).

That means that from September until sometime in the spring, our websites look kinda stale. Mailing list traffic is low. Every once in a while someone mentions they just found some more playa dust on something, or finishes doing that perfect edit of their photos and movies, or gives up on the perfect edit and just throws that stuff right up onto facebook.

Spring is a little early this year; the changes in ticketing mean that some of us have woken up from our climate-controlled not-covered-in-dust quiescence. We’ve poked at websites and anxiously sat by our computers wondering if the BOrg’s software will really work, or if we’ll stare at the “please wait” screen until long after everyone has bought tickets and gone to dinner, or at least thought “Oh hey, better sign up for STEP.”

Good Morning, campers.

Have some bacon if that’s your thing, or a nice piece of pineapple. Read the news, look out at the snow if you have any. And start thinking, start planning. This is the desert calling. The pendulum is swinging from “breath out” to “breath in”. No need to rush, it’s early yet, but start thinking about the heat and the cold and the beauty and the madness, the music and the colors and the sounds of your campmates laughing, vomiting, screwing. When the time comes, be ready to bring it.

– Andrew Bressen

2012: epic win!

What an amazing year. Here are a few photos of camp.

Camp Location

Tangoed up in Blue location map

Center Camp inner ring at 3:00

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